# How to Make Voice Models

# - Simple model training tutorial, using RVC -


# 1. Prepare dataset

  • In the context of RVC, the dataset is an audio file containing the voice the model will replicate. It can be either speaking or singing.

  • For the best results, having a clean dataset is crucial, so take the time to remove any undesired noises.

  • # Learn how.


# 2. Set up RVC

  • With your dataset ready, it's time to set up RVC to train the model.

  • There are plenty of versions of RVC, but these are the best ones for beginners. Pick according to your needs:

    # Locally

    # On the cloud



# 3. Train the model

  • Before you start training, we inform you that the training guides are oriented around using TensorBoard. Read about it & install it after setting up RVC.

  • Good luck & remember to be patient! As this won't be an instant process.

Last update: Mar 10, 2024