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Documentation in English.
AI HUB was banned by discord. Fortunately, they are now back and can be found here.


🟢 Quick & Simple

Vocal Cloning Guide :

Replay<- The simplest
Hugging Face <- Online

Guide to create a model :

RVC V2 <- Text-to-Speech (TTS) locally on RVC V2 <- Simple and Fast
🔴 In-depth ressources

Vocal Cloning Guide :

Applio <- A Fork of RVC V2 Mangio. Several new features and additions (Very good!)
RVC V2 <- Where it all began...

Guide to Create a Model :

How to Install and Use TensorBoard: 2. Optional: TensorBoard (RVC)

Voice Changer Realtime :

W-Okada <- Better
RVC v2 <- Fast


Any questions

FAQ or else Discord


Available in Credits
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